Mosquitos are one of the most annoying pests and also carry disease. We can protect your property from mosquitos. Call us for an annual or special event protection plan.

Nature’s finest knows that mosquitoes spoil leisure time, interfere with work, attack animals and people, and transmit diseases. When beautiful weather arrives, we like to enjoy the outdoors and gear up for pool parties, barbeques and backyard fun. Unfortunately, mosquitoes enjoy the same weather as we do and get ready to have fun of their own! 13 of the 25 mosquito species common to North Florida carry diseases that are harmful to our animals and to us.

Nature’s Finest has a mosquito control program unlike the others. Starting with a free inspection, we inspect your property and surrounding areas before designing a program that addresses the specific features in your area that attract mosquitoes. We target where they live and breed and establish a residual mosquito barrier around your property. Mosquito protection options include:

Annual Protection: Our most effective Mosquito Protection plan for your home. We will inspect your property monthly to provide the best in mosquito protection.

Special Event Protection: An effective, one-time mosquito protection option. This option works well for parties and other short-term outdoor occasions.

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