Core aeration is a key factor in allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root system, resulting in a healthier greener lawn.

Why should you have your lawn aerated?

Core aeration is essential in lawn maintenance. It allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil and root bed, resulting in more dense grass growth. Aeration improves water and nutrient absorption by promoting new root growth. Aeration loosens compacted soil and stimulates deeper root growth. The softer soil reduces the stress on the root system. Aeration also helps eliminate lawn thatch, a layer of dead grass just above the soil, by promoting a healthy environment for microorganisms that eat away the thatch. The greatest benefit is that your lawn absorbs more oxygen, water, and nutrients.

One way you can tell it’s time to aerate your lawn is when you begin to see excessive water runoff after a rain storm. A well aerated lawn is able to absorb more water, more efficiently than a lawn that is compacted and in need of aeration. Other common signs of a lawn that needs aeration is a thinning lawn or brown spots. These are common signs to know that your lawn could use core aeration.

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